Pakistan china strategic relation

China has supplied equipment to support Pakistan's nuclear program. Whenever Pakistan suffered in natural disaster like earth quack and flood time China helped us a lot. The two nations also reaffirmed their commitment to multilateral non-discriminatory arms control and initiatives of non-proliferation.

Overview[ edit ] Karakoram Highway connects the two states, it is also sometimes referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World. It is the first road in Pakistan that is named after foreign leaders.

The Karakaram highway was started jointly by both countries for trade purpose. The aim of the exercise is to practice counter terrorism mechanisms along with drills in mountains. China is the only country that has been persistently helping Pakistan in the nuclear domain of power generation.

From provision of seeds and other inputs, like fertiliser, credit and pesticides, Chinese enterprises will also operate their own farms, processing facilities for fruits and vegetables and grain.

China first time sent tranche of weapons in war. It has assisted Pakistan in setting up Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Heavy Industries Taxila, several production lines in the Pakistan Ordnance Factories, and maritime projects for the navy and missile factories.

That highway was completed in 20 years with the collaboration by both countries engineers. Logistics companies will operate a large storage and transportation system for agrarian produce, as stated by the plan in DAWN News. There are strong military ties between China and Pakistan.

Faxian travelled in what is now modern-day Pakistan. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao stepped in the Parliament House along with Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza and Senate Chairman Farooq H Naek, he was accorded a warm welcome by the parliamentarians, who stood up and the house echoed with loud thumping of desks to show affection and love of the people of Pakistan through their representatives for the Chinese people and prime minister.

I look forward to my upcoming state visit to Pakistan. During the war china support was reliable and hopeful for Pakistani government. Chinese support Pakistan nuclear program.

The two leaders had a one-on-one meeting in addition to delegation-level talks.

Foreign relations of Pakistan

These all issues, challenges and threats can tear the fabric of our society if not considered seriously. Retrieved April 24,from http: With escalating border tensions leading to the Sino-Indian warChina and Pakistan aligned with each other in a joint effort to counter India and the Soviet Union as both have border disputes with India.

The armies have a schedule for organising joint military exercises. The people of Pakistan draw strength and feel satisfaction with relation of Chinese nation, which are not less than a miracle of modern era.

This opened a new chapter of history of bilateral friendly cooperation. According to the plan, a key element in this is the creation of industrial parks, or special economic zones, would be done with the provision of water, perfect infrastructure, sufficient supply of energy and the capacity of self-service power.

Those kinds of exercises are also creating the harmony and brotherhood between the both countries soldiers. Pakistan shifted her policy and took U turn to preserve its strategic assets and national sovereignty. Pakistan and china bilateral relations are more powerful rather than others bilateral relations to other countries.

From provision of seeds and other inputs, like fertiliser, credit and pesticides, Chinese enterprises will also operate their own farms, processing facilities for fruits and vegetables and grain. China helped the Pakistani Government a lot underground in war. This is an opportunity to correct old mistakes.

During that era Pakistan was playing a pivotal role and acting as a bridge between USA and China relations. The foreign relations with IranSaudi Arabia and China remains extremely important and based on the extensive cooperation in national security and economical interests in the Persian Gulf and wide-ranging bilateral relations with the United States and other Western countries.

For Pakistan, joining the U. Before his arrival, he published an article praising the friendship on Pakistani newspapers like Daily Jang.

Relations prior to the founding of the modern states of Pakistan and the PRC[ edit ] Buddhist monks from the area of what is now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan were involved in the Silk Road transmission of Buddhism to Han dynasty China.

For agriculture, the plan outlines an engagement that runs from one end of the supply chain all the way to the other. China realizes the importance of Pakistan in the region.

Pakistan and China relations: 65 years of friendship to strategic partnership

As friendly neighbours, China and Pakistan maintain close communication and coordination on international and regional issues of common concerns. Infect that Islamic moment is work in Turkestan and that moment also has some activist in Afghanistan.

The first time Pakistani ambassador Major General Raza stressed and wished to develop the cordial relation with republic china. China has played a significant role in the development, economy and security of Pakistan, with relationship beginning in when Pakistan was among the first countries to enter into official diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (on Taiwan) and recognize the People's Republic of China (PRC) regime on mainland China.

China–Pakistan relations began in when Pakistan was among the first countries to enter into official diplomatic relations with the Republic of China PRC has provided economic, military, and technical assistance to Pakistan, and each country considers the other a close strategic makomamoa.comador Masood Khalid: Ambassador Sun Weidong.

China, today, said it supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan and appreciates the country's efforts for peaceful resolution of.

Pakistan and india has only option, peace and dialouge, India making good relation with America, definitely Pakistan will make strong bonds. To further strengthen its strategic relationship with China, it’s time that Pakistan expands China’s sphere of influence by handing over the entire corridor extending from the.

Some experts predict growing relations between the United States and rival India will ultimately prompt Pakistan to push for even closer .

Pakistan china strategic relation
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