Every soldier is a hero

It has become popular to call everyone who serves in the military a hero. Even as our media and our culture seek to elevate them into the pantheon of demigods, the men and women at the front are focused on doing their jobs and returning home with their bodies, their minds and their buddies intact.

And in my eyes, every Israeli soldier fighting today is, like David Shapira, a hero. I was struck by the truth of that statement even then, as I was preparing for a career in the military.

Over praising, psychologists know, often masks hidden resentment, ambivalence and guilt. Perhaps if it had, the world would have been spared the destruction of World War II.

Every soldier a hero? Hardly

However, it is beyond nitpicking for Astore to say that calling our troops heroes could create a "legion" of heroes, ensuring that "the brutalizing aspects and effects of war will be played down," or that "we blind ourselves to evidence of destructive, sometimes atrocious, behavior.

You call them army personnel, I prefer to call them Heroes. In celebrating isolated heroic feats, we often forget that war is guaranteed to degrade humanity as well.

Every Soldier a Hero

Operation Rahat Rahat means relief in Hindi Some of the pictures of Indian army working under UN flag around the world for peace stability. When the crew of an Air Force C gunship, nicknamed Puff the Magic Dragon, saved our asses in Vietnam, I never begrudged them their distance from the enemy or their warm showers.

I totally oppose the Iraq war. Thank them for their service.

Every Indian soldier is National hero

With the typical sardonic humor of front-line soldiers, they preferred the less comforting but more descriptive label given their grim situation in the trenches of "front pigs. They are not, however, heroes. A hero is someone who behaves selflessly, usually at considerable personal risk and sacrifice, to comfort or empower others and to make the world a better place.

Thank them for their service. So, next time you talk to our soldiers, Marines, sailors or airmen, do them and your country a small favor.

Making conscientiousness heroic, as opposed to expected, cheapens the very notion of heroism. They provided Medical and food supply to Nepal earthquake victims. Given the choice of collectively calling our troops heroes, because of those few "real heroes," and collectively calling our troops murderers and criminals because of those few bad apples, which one would you go for.

Most of them already know the difference between real heroism and everyday military service. Indian arm forces are well equipped with the latest technology and human skills.

As the historian Robert Weldon Whalen noted of those German soldiers of nearly a century ago: Five minutes later Shapira had found and killed the terrorist in the yeshiva's library.

Veterans Day: What Makes a Hero?

There is an altruistic aspect to heroism. What does that have to do with American troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless one wants to compare those wars, as much as one may disagree with them, to the Nazi atrocities. I come from a family of firefighters, yet our hero was my mother, a homemaker who raised five kids and endured without complaint the ravages of cancer in the s, with its then crude chemotherapy regimen, its painful cobalt treatments and the collateral damage of loss of hair, vitality and lucidity.

That is very heroic. But unlike most highs, the war poison is happily promoted and sold by society to its youth.

Every Soldier a Hero

Dorian de Wind is a retired U. Accepting an early release would have violated the POW code of conduct, which was designed to prevent the enemy from using prisoners for propaganda and to help POWs endure their terrible ordeals by assuring them that rank or privilege would not be a factor in determining the time of their release or the amount of torture they had to withstand.

Lieutenant Commander John S. They are the real patriots of India. Out of all the heroes in Unit 4, Robin Perry was the most heroic. Every soldier in Indian armed forces is a National hero of makomamoa.com are not just soldiers; they are the real patriots of India.

We salute them all. They could be fire fighters, Policeman, Postal Department, Army, Navy, Airforce, Special forces. Not every soldier acts like a hero, but I do think that their are enough willing to give up their life for each other or their family (whether to bring their family money or just because they want to fight for their freedom) that they should be considered heroes.

Every soldier there was a hero.” For McCormick, the day was only getting started. After repelling the onslaught, he had to make ammunition deliveries into the Green Zone several miles away.

Soldiers who at the moment of truth have said, "I know this might be my last moment alive. But I know that this is what I have to do." Every Israeli soldier is a brother, a father, a son. Not Every Soldier Is A “Hero” Contrary to what you read on bumper stickers, retired Lt.

Why U.S. troops deserve to be called heroes

Col William Astore argues that not every soldier is a hero. I also agree with your statement that not every soldier is a hero, and it is true that defining every soldier as a hero is harmful.

Reverse discrimination is just as harmful and negative as.

Every soldier is a hero
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