European nations settle north america

The second colony was the one built by the Puritans, this was more of a religious colony because its point was to set an example from christians and to convert people. The English were a whole other matter, however, since they wanted their land to be populated by their people and not by the people who really owned them.

Portugal in the Age of DiscoverySpanish colonization of the Americasand First European colonization wave 15th century—19th century The first phase of well-financed European activity in the Americas began with the Atlantic Ocean crossings of Christopher Columbus —sponsored by Spain, whose original attempt was to find a new route to India and China, known as " the Indies ".

A great variety answered their call. Its government was set up by William Penn in about to become primarily a refuge for persecuted English Quakers; but others were welcomed. The desire to supplant the trade moguls, especially the Italians, and fear of the Ottoman Empire forced the Atlantic nations to search for a new route to the East.

The Spaniards, having just finished the Reconquista of Spain from Muslim rule, were the first to colonize the Americas, applying the same model of governing their European holdings to their territories of the New World.

Johns River area in Florida. The second colony was the one built by the Puritans, this was more of a religious colony because its point was to set an example from christians and to convert people. Years later English started arriving to North America and received a letter from King James which said to create a colony in that location, this is what is now called James Town.

The lack of food security leading to extremely high mortality rate was quite distressing and cause for despair among the colonists. In the Treaty of Tordesillasratified by the Pope, these two kingdoms divided the entire non-European world into two areas of exploration and colonization, with a north to south boundary that cut through the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern part of present-day Brazil.

To reward their troops, the Conquistadores often allotted Indian towns to their troops and officers. Tobacco later became a cash crop, with the work of John Rolfe and others, for export and the sustaining economic driver of Virginia and the neighboring colony of Maryland.

The British general expected to fight the way battles were fought in Europe. These people were very persistent and land starved.

The Spanish were the ones to begin, as Columbus set sail in representation of Spain. By selling passage for five to seven years worth of work they could then start out on their own in America.

Early state-sponsored colonists[ edit ] Further information: Their colony was taken over by Britain inbut social, religious, legal, cultural and economic changes were few in a society that clung tightly to its recently formed traditions. The French settlers lived mainly in what was called New France.

Timeline of the European colonization of North America

However, both have been re-built using the original designs. The lure of cheap land, religious freedom and the right to improve themselves with their own hand was very attractive.

Altogether, there was a strong pull at the beginning of the colonial period to come to America for its possible imperial riches; the truth was that these riches were sparse. They were also looking for a legendary king named Prester John who had supposedly built a Christian stronghold somewhere in northwestern Africa.

Progressively the encomienda system, which granted tribute access to indigenous labor and taxation to European settlers, was set in place.

European colonization of the Americas

Black African slaves were introduced to substitute for Native Americans labor. These established a larger colony at Massachusetts Bay. As a result, by the midth century, the Spanish Crown had gained control of much of western South America, and southern North Americain addition to its earlier Caribbean territories.

European diseases and cruel systems of work the famous haciendas and the mining industry decimated the American population. The area surrounding both forts is very beautiful, including the two lakes, Lake George and Lake Champlain. These countries were just looking for power, totally ignoring the Treaty of Tordesillas.

They were given food, clothing, housing and taught farming or household skills.

Exploration of North America

In seventeen fifty-four, the governor of Virginia sent a twenty-one-year-old colonist named George Washington to tell the French to get out. One was Lake George. As for the Native Americans, there was the rule of move or be moved. All jokes set aside, the English land on the beautiful icy shores of North America after 4 months of ocean watching and enjoying the endless gleaming watery horizon.

European Conflicts Affect North America - Program No. 9

As the sponsor of Christopher Columbus's voyages, Spain was the first European power to settle and colonize the largest areas, from North America and the Caribbean to the southern tip of South America.

The Spaniards began building up their American empire in the Caribbean, using islands such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola as bases.

European colonization of the Americas

The Struggle for North America ~As settlements expanded in North America, France, England, and the Netherlands fought for colonial supremacy. Chapter European Nations Settle North America. Aug 21,  · Watch video · The story of North American exploration spans an entire millennium andinvolves a wide array of European powers and uniquely American characters.

It began with the Vikings’ brief stint in. European Nations Settle North America. In this lesson students learn about the settlement of the Americas by European nations.

The lesson details conflicts among France, England, the Netherlands, and Spain, who used pirates against each other. European Nations Settle North America Chapter 20, Section 2 World History.

New France: France •Explorers Involved. European countries hoped to find an easier and more direct route to the Pacific. If it existed, a northwest trade route through North America to Asia would become highly profitable.

European nations settle north america
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